​Monitor and

Manage IT infrastructure​

All-in-one Endpoint platform

Gain end to end visibility into your IT infrastructure

Secure your surface with data hardening and multilayered endpoint protection

Provide a seamless end user experience without compromising security


Automated Patching

Secure your network by automating patch deployment for windows, mac, linux and third-party apps   

Threat Detection and Remediation

Detection and remediate Vulnarabilities around the clock

Ransomware Protection

Gain insight into the root cause of ransomware attacks while providing immediate incident response

IT Asset Management

Manage software and Hardware assets along with license and warranty tracking

Unauthorised device Restriction

Regulate and restrict stray peripheral device in your organization and closely monitor files transfer in and out of your network

Data loss Prevention

Protect your enterprise's critical data from disclosure and theft by leveraging advanced data loss prevention strategies

OS Imaging and Deployment

Automatically image and deploy OS on windows computer along with installation of required drivers and apps

App Management and Distribution

Deploy software to all endpoint within your network in just a few clicks. Block or allow applications within rule-based filtering.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Mitigate insider Threats and security breaches by managing privileges, monitoring apps and controlling sensitive data at the endpoint level

Advance Remote Troubleshooting

Remote connect with end users and solve their issues real time

Configuration Management

Manage configuration on endpoints to comply with policies and industry practices

Browser Security

Monitor and enforce security measures on the browser used in your organization.

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